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“There are many things in life that will catch your attention, but few will capture your heart…pursue these.” – Unknown

A golden motto. Our minds take in facts and perceptions, compile them, and store them for future reference so we can make soundly informed decisions. Our heart speaks a different language, and when we follow its voice, we shape or transform our attitudes, our surroundings, and even our lives to honor who we really are. Following the smallest whisper can bring us joy.

People often ask, “How do I collect original art?” Collectors investing tens of thousands of dollars or more are in a category of their own. But if you’re not, then you care about the value of art collecting. Conclusion: if you love it, buy it. If it appeals to you, it will likely bring joy to you or your gift recipient. In terms of quality and price, galleries have selected the artist’s work because they have a recognized skill and prices are fair according to the artist’s style and the current market value of their work.

We live in the era of contemporary art; The media are broad, varied and exciting. Creativity is celebrated as well as content. Everything goes.

Among the many options listed below, you’re sure to find the pieces you like. May you move forward with an open heart and add another piece of joy to your life.

Get your tickets now to an exciting evening of great food, music and art at Collector’s Choice, the Maryland Federation of Art’s largest and most exciting fundraiser, taking place October 23 at both Volvo Cars Annapolis and online.

Collector’s Choice is your exclusive opportunity to eat and dine with MFA’s amazing artistry and meet fellow collectors while treating yourself to a new work of art. With one ticket, two people can enjoy an unforgettable event with the finest local food and drink and take home an amazing work of art chosen through an exciting lottery conducted by Master of Ceremonies Alex Cortright of radio station WTMD-89.7FM.

Or stay in your pajamas and enjoy the fun from home and still get a fabulous work of art. VIP entry is at 5pm on October 23rd and general entry is at 6pm. Visit to purchase tickets, preview the art, and learn how to enter.

McBride Gallery presents a solo exhibition of oil paintings by marine artist Eric Forsberg, running Sunday through October 30. Forsberg is a sea painter in the tradition of Montague Dawson, Frederic Waugh and Charles Vickery. He loved to draw and paint and pursued it vigorously. However, it was his time at sea that, at the suggestion of Charles Vickery, taught him an extremely important lesson: to paint the power and beauty of the sea, he had to see and experience it. Meet the artist at a reception on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm.

MFA at 49 West features an exhibition by Wil Scott, photographer, art historian and host of the MFA YouTube video series “Wil Talk”. Open now and runs through November 30th. Scott has exhibited in Europe and the United States. His work is inspired by his frequent travels and our own beautiful Maryland. This exhibit features recent photographs from Hawaii, California, and Maine, as well as images from Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, and other well-known parts of our region. Join him and the MFA for an opening reception in the back room at 49 West Sunday from 5-7 p.m.

MFA Circle Gallery continues its annual “Fall Member Show” through October 15. Come into the season and see what the talented members have been working on lately in this all-media exhibit. 65 works by 58 different artists, selected by judge Susan Badder, are on view at the gallery through October 15. Attend the Zoom Awards Ceremony taking place on Sundays from 4pm to 5pm and a Closing Reception in person from 4pm to 6pm on October 15th.

The Mitchell Gallery at St John’s College continues the online exhibition Being Human: Portraits from Syracuse University Art Museum through October 16. The exhibition explores expectations and assumptions about what form a portrait can take through the works of Elizabeth Catlett, Kalyani Devi, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Dorothea Lange, Ben Shahn, Max Weber and others. There is a free online lunchtime tour with Lucinda Edinberg at 12:15 p.m. Thursday and an in-person discussion of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde with college assistant and tutor Robert Abbott at 2:30 p.m. Thursday 13 Following this exhibition, the online exhibition North & South: Berenice Abbott’s US Route 1 will open on October 23, showcasing images taken by the legendary photographer on a 1954 road trip from New York to Florida and back to Maine Has. Accompanying programs are listed on the gallery’s website.

Jo Fleming Contemporary Art presents “Coastal Abstractions” featuring complementary expressions from four local and regional artists. Isabelle Robinson’s collection of three-dimensional artworks offers elegant observational studies with an assortment of paintings and found objects. Fleming’s acrylic paintings capture the essence of our coastal environment; Sally Rhudy’s mixed media paintings showcase depth, layering and intrigue. Carey Crane’s large oil paintings exude energy and excitement through form, movement and color. The show is open now and will run through November 30th. Join us for the opening ceremony and artist talk on Saturday from 5pm to 8pm.

Gallery 57 West will feature art talks by two Annapolis Arts Alliance members, Linda Donahue and Kenneth Graham, on October 11 at 5:30 p.m. In her constant search for new designs, Donahue’s jewelry spans a wide variety of styles and techniques. Two of her favorite pendant designs are her sterling silver “paintings” and resin-encased one-offs, as well as her handcrafted precious metal-tone creations. Graham will talk about drone photography and finding contrast in landscape photography.

Benfield Gallery opens the exhibition “Painting with Patterns” on October 10th with many new works by local artist Kathy Daywalt. Daywalt’s heavy use of pattern creates intriguing layers that bring her subjects to life. Her new artworks are in watercolor, acrylic and acrylic collage. The gallery also features a diverse selection of new works by fellow watercolor and acrylic artists Janice Hendra, Stacy Lund Levy, Carolyn Councell and Cynthia Schmacher, new oil paintings by Nancy McCarra, Andrée Tullier and Sarah Wardell, and new pottery by Ken Reinhard. The show runs until November 19th. Attend an open house on October 15th.

As a featured artist at West Annapolis Artworks, I am delighted that my exhibition has opened and is now on view until the end of the month. This exhibition features recent non-objective abstract works created in acrylic and mixed media with multiple layers of texture to create depth beneath a fresh surface reminiscent of coastal and aerial photography. The exhibition includes large statement pieces, small intimate works and large, unframed works on paper. Please attend an opening reception where we can discuss the work and abstract art in general on October 19 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and just have a fun evening.

The Galleries of Quiet Waters Park presents the work of two watercolor artists, opening October 19 and running through November 22. SeasonScapes, on display at the Willow Gallery, features recent watercolors by Annapolis artist Joan Machinchick. The inspiration for her art is the ever-changing beauty and diversity of nature. She is interested in depicting the many moods and moments of nature at their most inspiring and uplifting. Water and Light, featuring recent work by watercolourist Pamela Chase, is on display at the Garden Gallery. Chase paints outdoors and enjoys immersing herself in her surroundings while looking for inspiration. Primarily a landscape painter, she likes to paint with an impressionistic bent. The opening receptions for both exhibitions will take place on October 23 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the visitor center.

The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery welcomes the coming season with two watercolors of Annapolis autumn scenes by local artists on display. The first, “Spa Creek in November,” is new to the gallery by William R. Sutton, 2022 Hospice Cup Artist of the Year. The second, “Autumn Chapel,” by Daven Anderson, a USNA grad, nuclear engineer and submarine -Driver, became a watercolor painter and teacher.

In which ACAAC at the BWI exhibitionArtists were encouraged to let their creativity run free and complete the sentence “Imagine…” with their artwork. This exhibit will be on display until November 14th and is located between Hall C&D in Departures (Pre-Security) near Departures Door 10 and the UPS Store. You can view the online gallery of artworks at

MFA at Paul’s Homewood Cafe continues the joint exhibition of works by accomplished painters and MFA members Mike McSorley and Marisa Evangelista. McSorley brings the spirit of an object to life through an active painting process. Paint is applied, scraped off and wiped off again and again. Paint, which may or may not remain on the surface, is “an analogy for life, scarred but surviving”. Various elements in Evangelista’s portraits contribute to the narratives created through hidden nuance and are used intentionally to evoke specific emotions. Starting with a concept derived from her own experiences, she intentionally creates a photograph (often of herself) to use as a guide, but views her image “as a figure in a painted reality”. Her exhibition will be on view at Paul’s Homewood Café through the end of October.

Patrice Drago is a painter and writer based in Annapolis, Maryland. Website: This column was written in partnership with the Annapolis Gallery Association. Contact Patrice at

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