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We constantly innovate ourselves to enable businesses to build and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale with accelerated content velocity, seamless customer journeys and real-time customer data. We are also metaverse ready

We constantly innovate ourselves to enable businesses to build and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale with accelerated content velocity, seamless customer journeys and real-time customer data. We are also metaverse ready

Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, PDF and some other Adobe tools are household names in India and their relevance is only increasing with the exponentially growing digital connectivity in the country, said Prativa Mohapatra, VP & MD, Adobe India in an interview. Excerpts:

What makes Adobe so excited to be in India?

Figures from GSMA Intelligence show that mobile subscriptions in India accounted for 81.3% of the total population in January 2022. The number of mobile subscriptions in the country increased by 34 million (+3.1%) between 2021 and 2022. Digital connectivity will continue to increase In the years to come, anyone, anywhere with a digital device will have access to digital documents/tools, including Adobe’s suite of solutions. In fact, tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Photoshop are household names and have a significant market share in India. Designers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, graphic designers, creative artists, corporations, governments, and startups have relied on Adobe products as their essential tools for years. With the explosion of the creator economy, more solopreneurs and small business owners can now express themselves creatively, whether it’s for a side gig or an important critical element of their full-time job. Adobe Creative Cloud offers an extensive portfolio of goods and services in all creative fields, including imaging, photography, design, video, 3D and immersive solutions.

How do you envision the future of creativity in a post-pandemic world?

Our recent Future of Creativity poll revealed that there are 303 million creative people worldwide. The creator economy has the potential to reshape so many aspects of society—personal fulfillment, social issues, and even the economy. Creativity will be a crucial skill for the economy of the future, the relevance and potential of which is growing at a rapid pace. At Adobe, we believe everyone has a story to tell, and it is our responsibility to empower these creators to effectively tell their own true stories. The idea is to unleash creativity by creating a digital environment for seamless collaboration and creation as people redefine the world around them. Technology is the enabler of creativity and therefore everyone must embrace it to thrive in the digital-first world, especially the post-pandemic world. In fact, according to our report, more than 165 million creators have joined the creator economy since 2020, and one in four people worldwide is a creator contributing to online spaces! Of these, 48% of creators are universally motivated by the same goal: freedom of expression. Incidentally, India sits right at the heart of a content explosion.

How do you see the future of the passion economy?

The passion economy is certainly on the rise. For gigworkers and part-time workers, the passion economy offers a new way to harness creativity, connecting these creators with engaged communities that can share their passions and find a way to monetize that passion. According to our study, about 39% of creatives aspire to become business owners aligned with their creative hobbies. Creativity and creative expression in the new world order, and creators have incredible power and opportunity due to the rapid digital transformations. The impact of creativity is visible, plus creators strive to engage with their audience more effectively. For example, creative classrooms to innovate the education system. We are now seeing a renaissance of creativity as a key differentiator for businesses to use newer ideas to inspire, communicate and connect with their customers.

How is Adobe contributing to the next stage of business transformation in India?

Even before the pandemic, there were tectonic shifts in the creator economy. According to the Oxford Economies report, YouTube content creators alone contributed a whopping 6,800 crore to the Indian economy in 2020. And that number will certainly have increased significantly since then. Digital transformation is here and now, and as India moves further into the digital age and undergoes the next stage of transformation to become a $1 trillion digital economy, Customer Experience Management presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses, gain a competitive advantage. With Adobe’s Customer Experience Management category, we support companies, large and small, and individuals on their digital transformation journey. With Creative Cloud, we’re giving everyone, everywhere, the tools to express their creative potential and empower and transform this creative economy. Adobe has accelerated document productivity with Adobe Document Cloud, driving the paperless agenda of various government agencies in India. The shift to remote working has made digital workflows even more mission-critical. Adobe also enables businesses to harness the power of digital documents to drive business success through various solutions such as Adobe Sign and PDF, and Adobe Experience Cloud supports digital businesses with their cloud needs.

Tell us about your R&D activities in India

India is one of the most strategically important and fastest growing markets in the world and in the APAC region for Adobe. With approximately 7,000 employees, it is our second largest facility after North America and is home to over 1/3 of Adobe’s global innovations across our three cloud businesses. Adobe India is an important contributor to both intellectual property creation and business growth worldwide. We have a solid track record of growth in the corporate and consumer segments, supported by our teams in India. Going forward, we remain committed to enabling companies in sectors as diverse as BFSI, education and skills, and retail to take the next stage of their growth trajectory with industry-leading digital solutions and a willingness to work with them.

What will your Industry 4.0 products and software be?

On our mission to change the world through digital experiences, at Adobe we’re always looking around the corner for technologies and ideas that can inspire, transform and advance the world. With the Industry 4.0 revolution, the manufacturing industry is imagining and shaping their products with next-generation technologies. In this context, our tools like Substance 3D provide an ecosystem of apps and content that empower product designers of all disciplines and industries to streamline design workflows and take product visualization to new levels of realism and detail. We constantly innovate ourselves to enable businesses to build and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale with accelerated content velocity, seamless customer journeys and real-time customer data. We are also metaverse ready.

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