Online platform Trot wants to fill a gap in the market: unused offices – Commercial Observer | Ad On Picture

The impact of the pandemic on coworking could be described as throwing it against the wall and seeing which concepts survived the impact and in what form. BC (pre-COVID) basically had a form of coworking, a place where you could take your startup with you and mingle with other startups, although some coworking companies tried … Read more

A look into the strange and mysterious world of Serge Lutens – Wallpaper* | Ad On Picture

“A home fragrance must serve your home,” he says. “I don’t like smells that feel like they’ve been added to the house. For example, I think it’s a nightmare when people use lavender to mask the smell of onions, or use paraffin candles to scent a house—it’s dirty, it stinks, it distorts perfume, it kills … Read more

buzzi & buzzi brings to light alessandro borghese’s restaurant – design boom | Ad On Picture

buzzi & buzzi illuminate alessandro borghese’s restaurant Light where you least expect it: lighting Company Buzzi & Buzzi illuminates the interiors of Alessandro Borghese’s new restaurant, in Venice. Designed by architect Alfredo Canelli, AB – Il Lusso della Simplicità became the inspiration for the leading Italian brand that, together with interior design experts Cierreesse, dedicated … Read more

Brand Building for Growth | ABA Banking Journal – ABA Banking Journal | Ad On Picture

Three banks refresh their identities with changes that include deepening community connections. By Gina Bleedorn and Juliet D’Ambrosio WAs banks of all sizes prioritize post-pandemic growth, many financial institutions are merging or expanding to enter new markets and new demographics. Faced with unfamiliar questions and unique challenges, brands in growth mode are increasingly realizing that … Read more

An Imaginary Civilization: Art Meets History at the Commagene Biennale | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah | Ad On Picture

The increase in consumption, be it material or in abstract realms, presented a challenge for people to catch up with and increased at a rate that natural human desire found difficult to follow. In technological terms, for example, when we take a new device or mobile phone out of the box, it is already announcing … Read more

Novel vision system autonomously detects and identifies drone threats – Military & Aerospace Electronics | Ad On Picture

ATLANTA – Commercial and recreational drone use has skyrocketed in recent years as the technology becomes cheaper and easier to use. From infrastructure inspection and emergency response to filmmaking and amateur photography, drones have a wide and growing range of uses. Unfortunately, drones can also pose threats, whether intentional or not. In places where drones … Read more

Blues Past, Present and Future: Photos of Live Music in Texas at FotoFest – Houston Press | Ad On Picture

As Albert Einstein famously said, “Time is relative; Its worth depends only on what we do as it passes.” Houston-based photographer Tracy Anne Hart has over time enabled her to capture many amazing and historic images of the Texan god Stevie Ray Vaughan and more. “Time is relative and a constraint we impose on the … Read more

The Himalayas: An Increasingly Dangerous Adventure Destination – Travel + Leisure India | Ad On Picture

The death of US climber Hilaree Nelson has highlighted the treacherous nature of Himalayan adventures, the dangers guides and experts say are increasing due to climate change and more people seeking the thrill of high altitude. Of travel + leisure Nelson, 49, was fatally torn from near the summit of 8,163 meters (26,781 feet) Manaslu, … Read more

Surf films make a splash at the Byron Bay Film Festival – Echonetdaily | Ad On Picture

Duke Paoa Kahanamoku importing Aquarius. Surfing is central to Byron Bay’s identity and this year’s surf films are sure to bring the entire community together to celebrate sportiness, wild seas and sheer joy in our exquisite setting. The Byron Bay Film Festival has always paid homage to surfing and surfing culture, but this year it … Read more