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On November 4th, the immersive experience “Beyond King Tut” starts at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It will delight fans of immersive experiences, especially those interested in Egyptian history.

Daily Hive got a sneak peak at the experience that was recently shown in Boston at the SoWa Power Station.

What makes the Vancouver debut so exciting is that November 4th, the day the experience kicks off, is the 100th anniversary of howard Carter and his crew discovered King Tut’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

A journey into the afterlife

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While the Beyond King Tut experience shares a similar foundation to the Immersive Van Gogh and Picasso experiences, the similarities end quickly.

These demonstrations were based on static paintings, while the Beyond King Tut experience includes history, stories, photos, drawings, diagrams, and recreations of historical artifacts.

Regarding artifacts, no real artifacts are present in the exhibition.

Before the pandemic, Egyptian authorities approved the use of real artifacts for a trip. However, the pandemic put an end to those efforts. The Egyptian authorities have kept their artifacts at home in Egypt ever since, with no intention of releasing them soon, if ever.

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While artifacts would be cool and all, there’s still plenty to see and do during your time at Beyond King Tut in Vancouver. Artists have done a great job of recreating the appearance of some of the more significant artifacts.

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Your journey at Beyond King Tut takes you through different rooms and experiences.

You are initially seated in a room whose walls are illuminated by a series of projectors and a brief backstory about King Tutankhamun.

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Then, without warning and as if by magic, a door you didn’t even know was there opens, beckoning you to begin this historic journey.

The walls inside are decorated in stunning detail with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

King Tut Vancouver

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The experience seemingly blends history with well-preserved photography that will soon be 100 years old.

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The collaboration between the event organizers and National Geographic adds an academic boost to the entire experience. The latter’s wealth of knowledge on the subject of Egyptology added much needed authenticity to the whole experience.

We spoke to Kathryn Keane, Vice President of Public Experiences at National Geographic, about the historic milestone of the Vancouver event.

“We’ve had this anniversary moment in November 2022 on our radar for a long time,” Keane said.

Beyond King Tut

National Geographic also had a lot of influence on how the exhibit was put together.

“Trying to decide how to tell the story in a new way, that’s consciously choosing to kind of draw on that element of the afterlife story, which is pretty strong in this exhibition, and you know, something , which we might not do, we would have done if we didn’t have access to great animators and media producers and the ability to essentially create new content.”

Ra, the king of deities. (Amir Ali/Daily Hive)

Mark Lach is the creative producer of the event and his enthusiasm for the project was palpable. He suggested event-goers in Vancouver will have a slightly improved experience compared to people who have attended previous shows like the one in Boston.

“The interesting and amazing thing about doing these kinds of shows is that you learn a little bit. You observe people’s habits; what did you notice? What are they not noticing? What influences them? what are they talking about What did you completely miss? So that will be the case when we move to Vancouver.”

The final part of the experience is the immersive space, which Lach says has over 40 projectors set up, making you feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

This is when you follow King Tut to the afterlife.

During some parts of this phase of the experience, it felt like the entire room was moving.

When purchasing your ticket, you can opt for the VIP experience, which entitles you to an exclusive virtual reality adventure and merchandise package.

We tried the VR experience, which offers an excellent perspective of the interior of King Tut’s tomb and the adjacent rooms that lead to it. At the start of the experience you will see images and diagrams of the tomb, so it was cool to feel what it was like inside the tomb thanks to the virtual reality technology.

Regardless of your ticket option, Beyond King Tut should be an enlightening experience for all who enter King Tut’s tomb.

Beyond King Tut launches on November 4th and you can buy your tickets here.

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