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buzzi & buzzi illuminate alessandro borghese’s restaurant

Light where you least expect it: lighting Company Buzzi & Buzzi illuminates the interiors of Alessandro Borghese’s new restaurant, in Venice. Designed by architect Alfredo Canelli, AB – Il Lusso della Simplicità became the inspiration for the leading Italian brand that, together with interior design experts Cierreesse, dedicated the 16th century to the worldth Century build its contemporary finesse. With light almost entirely hidden in the surfaces of the walls or suspended from the ceiling, the lights demonstrate the brand’s versatility for expressive freedom.

Buzzi & Buzzi illuminates Alessandro Borghese’s restaurant in Venice

Photography by Michetta Creative

all images courtesy of Buzzi & Buzzi

Elegance and performance live in the projects of together Italian technical lighting company how it puts itself at the service of architects and designers. Founded in 1990 in Pozzo d’Adda by Pietro Buzzi and Marialuisa Chiari, Buzzi & Buzzi has consolidated its presence in Italy and abroad with a complete offer for all sectors to meet the needs of customers with a wide range of lighting fixtures. Several collections, both for indoor and outdoor use, characterize the production of his prestigious pieces. The main collection offers a very wide range of recessed, ceiling/wall and pendant products, while the extended Iron collection focuses on single, 48V (with miniaturized dimensions) or 220V track or standalone projectors with specifications suitable for both retail and domestic or small commercial use, offering versatility and adaptability to different contexts and designers.

Buzzi & Buzzi is also one of the exhibitors at the Light + Building autumn edition 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation. From October 2nd to 6th, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, the focus will be on intelligent and networked solutions, forward-looking technologies and current design trends. The Italian company positioned itself as the market leader among 1,500 participants.

buzzi & buzzi brings to light alessandro borghese's restaurant
the recessed lights are discreetly hidden between the architectural elements of the palazzo

technology, aesthetics and performance enhance the palazzo

The company’s compromise between high-tech design, aesthetics and performance is successfully manifested in Alessandro Borghese’s “AB – Il Lusso della Simplicita‘, where NANO track systems, powerful light and rich decorations create a synthesis that only further complements the cultural heritage of the Venetian palazzo. Rising around the city’s canals, the Milanese restaurant was designed by architect Alfredo Canelli and furnished by Cierreessewhile Buzzi & Buzzi complete the project by bringing it to light.

buzzi & buzzi brings to light alessandro borghese's restaurant
The funnel pendant lights above the bars do nothing to hide their iconic shape

The diverse facets of the company are demonstrated by the funnel Pendant lights do nothing to hide their distinctive shape. Direct light falls from the ceiling from a fully recessed cabinet to enhance the piano bar, while seen from above and below, the white version creates a stark contrast with the gold of the walls and the green of the marble inserts. The color and finish of the product can be customized with any color to emphasize its contemporaneity.

In addition, Buzzi & Buzzi took over the combination between the for the bar counter genius Recessed spotlights and the Funnel pendant lights. Genius is an incredibly powerful recessed spotlight for the size of the exit hole, which is just 20mm in diameter. The product, also present in the twin genius double version, adds a discreet and elegant integration into the architecture, almost disappearing into the surface.

buzzi & buzzi brings to light alessandro borghese's restaurant
The funnel hanging charms can be customized in color and finish with any color

Sheet is the semi-recessed lamp that emerges from the folds of the wallpaper with its characteristic clean cuts, reminiscent of the slashes of the Argentine-Italian painter Lucio Fontana. Specially designed to become an integral part of walls or false ceilings, the customization possibilities go further than you would expect. As seen in the restaurant, the internal surfaces near the light source have been decorated with gold leaf: this not only adds a touch of sophistication, but also creates a soft and even warmer and more pleasant light.

buzzi & buzzi brings to light alessandro borghese's restaurant
Leaf is the semi-recessed lamp that emerges from the wall surface with golden details, providing a warmer light

The lighting products clean the air in the room

What you don’t see but feel is the influence of the lighting products on the well-being of the guests. The Genius, Twin Genius, Leaf and Funnel products are made from AirCoral®. The material patented by the company can purify the surrounding air through technology that reduces bacteria and pollutants.

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