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Life has been an endlessly amazing adventure – a never-ending beautiful journey for Craig Carpenter Downer, who, through his book “Miraculous Currents of the Soul” (ReadersMagnet; 2022), wants to “share the best and greatest in life.”

“Miraculous Currents of the Soul” is an expansive collection of brilliant poetry, insightful journal entries, and fascinating and thought-provoking essays, many of which are accompanied by exquisite illustrations, including the author’s own photographs. All of this summarizes and brings together a multitude of his observations, insights and inspirations. Much of this stems from his impressive artistic and scientific training, worldwide travel, friendships, interactions with the natural world, and spiritual meditations.

The poems and essays cover a wide range of topics “Miraculous Currents of the Soul” Describe animals and their ecosystems vividly, with a particular focus on the wild horses and tapirs of the Andes that Craig studied, the workings of nature including the earth’s climate, our various relationships to one another, humor and the ironic side of life, the romantic side of life and the meaning of love, the moral and ethical challenges of life, the complicated but crucial world of politics, the fascinating nature of language, as well as the mysteries of life and death, love, reincarnation and the supernatural or higher spiritual dimension and like all of the foregoing refers to divine truth, justice and perfection. There is something for everyone in this extraordinary book! And those who love to think about sophisticated ideas and feelings will be especially pleased. This book will allow its readers to experience the beauty, grandeur and mystery of life and to tap into their inner philosopher.

Of particular note to the reviewer are the poems and passages about nature and adventure – two themes that are dominant and intertwined in the author’s life and thought. One such poem is A Walk in the Woods, beautifully illustrated with photos, in which the author recites: “. . . For here dwelt True Beauty/ By higher law was decreed/ Not only in human hearts and minds/ But in all creatures great or small/ Of all orders, classes, phylae, and so on…” Another poem is “The Adventurer”, wherein he rhymes: “The adventurer/ dares to go where/ No one has ever dared! …”

“Those who hold a God-centered view of the mysteries and wonders of nature will appreciate some of the poetry in this extensive collection,” says a review of the book by BlueInk Review who goes on to say: “The essays are equally abstract and deal primarily with spiritual and philosophical subjects. Excerpts from the author’s notebook include descriptions of the nature and thoughts of philosophy and faith.”

Immerse yourself in Craig Carpenter Downer’s spiritual and philosophical journey and experience an inner awakening “Miraculous currents of the soul.” Order today from Amazon and ReadersMagnet Bookstore, as well as the author’s website at And the book is also available at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore link.

“Miraculous Currents of the Soul”
Author | Craig Carpenter Downer
release date | July 21, 2022
Publisher | reader magnet
Genus | Poetry, Philosophy, New Age, Nature, Conservation

Author Bio

Craig’s amazing life has exposed him to different places, cultures and species. He has worked in South America, the United States and Europe. A lifelong seeker of truth, he has dabbled in all branches of biology, with an emphasis on ecology, even studying philosophy, history, music, English, French and Spanish. With an innate affinity for all sorts of species, he grew up in the wilderness along the Nevada-California border, which he explored on hikes and camping trips on his horse, Poco, often with his loving family.

He has worked for animal and environmental NGOs, studied and taught at universities, campaigned as a conservationist and conservationist plaintiff, testified in Congress and conducted a groundbreaking telemetric study of the endangered Andean or mountain tapir. He has also conducted several in-depth studies of various wild horse herds and their habitats throughout the West. He defends them keystone tapirs, wild horses and all members of the perissodactyla order of mammals through his non-profit organization, the Andean Tapir Fund. He offers lectures on these important but vanishing species which, along with his publications, encourage more investigation, better protection, and more wildlife sanctuaries and sanctuaries.

As a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, he authored the Andean tapir action plan and species description. He is also a member of the Nevada Poetry Society, plays the piano, composes melodies that often come spontaneously (see his related essay in “Miraculous Currents of the Soul”) and guided nature films that have been viewed worldwide. He also loves nature photography and has had several covers in journals and magazines such as America.

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