Hybrid solar eclipse: what is it and how does it form? – Space.com | Ad On Picture

A hybrid solar eclipse is a very rare and strange astronomical event – and one is coming soon on April 20, 2023.

Talk to most eclipse hunters and they will tell you that there are three types of eclipses solar eclipse. The first is a partial solar eclipse, the most common and least impressive because the moon blocks only part of the Sun Sending a shadow – the penumbra – over a part of the earth. The second is an annular eclipse, in which the moon obscures the center of the sun but leaves a circle of light from the sun visible within a shadow called antumbra. It is often referred to as the “ring of fire”. The third is a total solar eclipse, during which the entire solar disk is obscured by the moon, revealing the spectacular view of the solar corona, which can be viewed with the naked eye from the moon’s dark shadow, the umbra.

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