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The exhibition brings colors and emotions together The voice of photography

Painter Gamze Gökçen’s photo exhibition entitled “The Voice of Photography” is preparing to meet art lovers on December 1, 2022 at 17:00 at CKM-Caddebostan Cultural Center.

of the artist; His photographic works, prepared in an abstract-expressionist style, meet the art public. The painter Gamze Gökçen’s thoughts on her exhibition entitled “The Voice of Photography”;

The reference point of my work is called “The Voice of Photography”; It is the effect of color and hearing on the individual. In my works in this exhibition; Listening to different types of music, I tried to express the emotions it aroused in me in an abstract expressionist style with colors. In recent years, color psychology has become an area that has received a lot of attention and study. The perception of colors with our senses is deeper than expected. It is the colors and shapes that make up the universe. Formation and emergence of colors; consists of sound, frequency and light. Every living thing that we see in nature is colored. In addition to concrete colors, there are also abstract colors that we perceive with our five senses and express our personality. Most effective in color psychology is our sense of hearing and sight. Emotional states such as good, bad, fear or happiness, which we perceive with each sense, vary from person to person and become the color of emotion in each concept. I will now observe the reflections of my works, which I created out of my own feelings, on the audience. I invite everyone interested in art to my exhibition.”

It is possible to visit the exhibition entitled “The Voice of Photography” at the CKM-Caddebostan Cultural Center until December 7, 2022.

Who is Gamze Gokcen?

He was born in Istanbul in 1993. Since childhood he had a passion and talent for painting. In 2007, he won the painting department of Adıgüzel Fine Arts High School. In 2019, he entered the Master’s program in the Department of Fine Arts and Painting of Yeditepe University. The American Sinestet pianist Margin Alexandere composed the artist work “Light of Spirituality” at her concert on April 31, 2021. She opened her exhibition entitled “Synaesthesia and the Energy of Colors” at the Suadiye Art Gallery in 2021, which was commissioned by the Gazi University Organized Symposium and “The Place and History of Colors in Cultures” at Kütahya University. In 2022 she submitted her master’s thesis on the relationship between art and synaesthesia. Kadir Has University – She received art therapy training from painter Eda Özden, color training in interior design from color specialist Aslı Gürsözer, painting analysis and psychological interpretation training from Beril Hacıosman. He continues his art therapy training at Altınbaş University with psychologist and actor İbrahim Ulutaş.

He has participated in projects such as TEV Corona Heroes Support Fund (Contagious is Goodness), Eurasian Social Sciences Congress, Art Ankara Art Fair, MADS Art Gallery in Italy and many group exhibitions.

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