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There’s a reason the distinctively orange Celestron NexStar 8SE is the largest of the best-selling NexStar telescopes and is hailed by Celestron as the “World’s Most Popular Telescope”. The high quality Schmidt-Cassegrain NexStar 8SE can absorb a phenomenal amount of light and allows the user to see deep sky objects far into the universe. Smaller aperture versions are available under 4 (opens in new tab)5 (opens in new tab) and 6 inches (opens in new tab) with closing costs. Naturally, the smaller you go, the less light is captured, making your views less impressive with every drop in aperture.

key specifications

Optical design: Schmidt-Cassegrain

Opening: 8 inches (203.2mm)

focal length: 80 inches (2032mm)

aperture ratio: aperture 10
Highest usable magnification: 180x

Total kit weight: 14.48 kg (32 pounds)

Bracket type: Computer controlled Altitude Azimuth single fork arm

A motorized single fork arm mount powers the scope, which slews to your desired celestial object at the push of a button on the handheld remote. You need to align it first, but Celestron’s SkyAlign technology simplifies this three-star alignment process, and users simply need to use the finderscope with no prior knowledge of the sky required.

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