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We are looking for a skilled content creator with a keen interest in content writing, social media and video production and editing to join our team. Work with a range of Territory companies, government agencies and departments, and Indigenous organizations.

This hands-on position works alongside the other creatives on the team to create genuine, original content with strong relevance to the audience, with the idea of ​​strong engagement as an ongoing outcome.

We bring people to our team who have strong leadership skills and the ability to work autonomously to ensure the end result meets the client’s needs and budget. We follow the methodology of agile project management and encourage project managers to carry out customer projects alongside the guidance of a product owner and mini-team.

Work in this role is diverse and based on developing unique, fresh, research-based creative content for client projects – according to the budgets and timelines set out in the project description – including but not limited to:

  • social media
  • Website content writing
  • sitemaps
  • SEO
  • Erode
  • blogs
  • Skill/company profile documentation
  • resumes
  • Photography and video production.

Other work may include public relations, proofreading or editing company documents and reports, basic design in tools like Canva, and podcast production.

Skills & Requirements


  • Minimum. 1-2 years of experience in content creation, social media management and/or communication/journalism
  • Experience in digital marketing and campaign rollout
  • High attention to detail: the ability to review oneself and the work of others for accuracy and quality
  • Some experience in video production: planning, editing and output for desired channels
  • Experience with photography and/or simple retouching – or willingness to learn
  • Proven project management and leadership skills – or willingness to learn

Beneficial experience

  • Proofreading and/or editing
  • Experience with web builders like Duda, Shopify and Weebly
  • Experience with design and editing tools such as Canva and Descript
  • Experience with social media tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Meta and Campaign Monitor.
  • Experience in reviewing analytics from social/web platforms
  • Understanding of social media and how each platform can best be used
  • Experience in implementing paid social campaigns
  • Experience in creating real, original content and other forms of marketing
  • Experience of working in a team environment as well as a proactive and responsible way of working
  • Strong ability to build relationships with short-term and ongoing clients
  • Australian resident with a preferred location in Alice Springs
  • Minimum commitment of 12 months to 2 years.

Current and former team members have:

  • built extensive and credible portfolios for career advancement
  • gained through the versatility of the work on professional security
  • merged with other creative and marketing areas that interest them
  • started in Alice Springs and moved to other exotic locations while continuing to work with bellette
  • fell for the charm of the NT and stayed with us.

A successful candidate for the Content Creator role will have:

  • a proven understanding of the methodology for creating content for different media, audiences and purposes
  • an understanding of the psychological principles of motivation
  • independently executed project management skills
  • be able to really “blow through” in a new position.
  • an appreciation of how a creative service business functions financially while keeping clients happy.

Important Selling Points

  • an opportunity to be creative, take responsibility and implement original initiatives
  • Create relevant conversations powered by real, original content
  • Work in collaboration with an enthusiastic team of creatives

Move to the Northern Territory

Central Australia and the Top End punch above their weight when it comes to adventure, lifestyle, unique events and experiences.

A vibrant and engaged community, Alice Springs is a great place to live and work – leave the long commute behind! The weather is great all year round, the scenery spectacular, plenty of activities and apartments/offices/cars are air conditioned in summer and heated in winter. You will find an open and friendly community. Come for adventure, stay for quality of life.

There are many opportunities for unique ventures, trying something different and finding like-minded people to enjoy activities together. Central Australia offers many unique experiences and a welcoming community to make new friends. Moving here is a great way to never miss a good dinner story and be able to break out of a rut. Read more about our experience in Alice here.

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