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Global market trends for 360 degree cameras

Global market size structure for 360 degree cameras

Global market size structure for 360 degree cameras

The global market for 360 degree cameras was worth around US$800 million in 2021 and is projected to grow to around US$2998 million at a CAGR of 25% during the forecast period

Global 360 Degree Cameras Industry Report analyzes Growth, Share, Size, Industry Trends Analysis, Industry Demand, Technology and Global Opportunity Forecast 2028 – Publication by Zion Market Research

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, Sept. 28, 2022 / — The global 360 degree camera market report shows a highly fragmented view of some of the leading players including Samsung Electronics, YL Technology, LG Electronics, Ricoh, Kodak, PANONO and GoPro , Insta360, Digital Domain Production, 360fly, Immervision, Nikon, Rylo, Bubl, Xiaomi, Sony Corporation, Panasonic, Nokia Corporation, Ricoh Company Ltd and Mistika VR. In this report, we analyze the 360 ​​Degree Cameras market growth drivers, opportunities and barriers from 2022 to 2028.

The global market for 360 degree cameras recorded revenue growth of US$800 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 25 percent to around US$2,998 million during the forecast period. A 360-degree camera, commonly referred to as an omnidirectional camera, has a 360-degree angle of view that allows it to capture almost everything in its path. When large areas of view need to be covered, such as when photographing panoramas, 360-degree cameras are required. 360-degree cameras are growing in popularity as virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) become more common in video games and other types of interactive entertainment. VR feature films that require 360-degree cameras are now being explored, and 360-degree cameras have also been used in still photography and robotics.

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The global 360 Degree Cameras Market is segmented into Connectivity, Resolution, Component, Type, Industry Industry, and Region in this research analysis. Connectivity is classified as wired and wireless. The resolution is divided into high definition and ultra high definition. The component consists of hardware, sensors, processor, battery, a storage device, and others. The type is divided into personal and professional. Finally, the industries consist of Media & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Military & Defense, Automotive, Healthcare, Advertising, and others.

The latest development:

In July 2020, Insta360 and Mistika VR have partnered to provide flexibility and control over how the Insta360 Pro camera works as part of their post-production workflow.

In June 2021, GoPro released the over-capture feature for the Fusion 360 cameras for Apple devices.

360 Degree Cameras Market: Overview

The 360 ​​degree cameras are omnidirectional camera systems where the user can access a multi-dimensional direction and record their view if required. The recording sessions are done either with the help of a single consumer camera or through multiple camera lenses built into the device itself. All these videos are then assembled into a perfect movie using video editing software. They are also available in the form of a single or standalone multi-lens camera that captures, mixes and stitches the content. The advantage of these cameras is that they are very user friendly and also relatively affordable.

It is also a portable device that covers a visual landscape of 360 degrees in a horizontal plane. It’s attached with fisheye lenses that allow for easy wide-angle viewing. It is very similar to DSLR, they can connect to smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This feature makes the cameras most suitable and easy for post-processing, broadcasting or sharing straight away. The created images are created in real-time without further processing or updating, resulting in high-quality media files.

A wide range of applications uses these cameras for video surveillance at airport terminals, railway and subway stations, city traffic surveillance, industrial site assessment, critical infrastructure surveillance, school and university campus surveillance, and shopping mall security surveillance, including the parking lots. They are also applicable in mainstream applications such as medicine and research, where cameras record data needed for important investigations.

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360 Degree Camera Market: Growth Drivers

Increasing focus on security measures along with emerging technological advances in cameras are driving the market growth

The rise in security measures in every sphere of public is driving the immense growth of the global market. Apart from that, there is a high demand for low-cost cameras to serve the advanced photography market, which indirectly fuels the market growth.

The easy adaptability of the cameras to mobile devices and the easy digitization aspect with 4K and HDR real-time capabilities inevitably increase the growth of the global 360-degree camera market. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are making extensive use of the camera, which has been helping the market lately. People use the 360 ​​degree camera to take pictures and share them on networking sites.

Video games as a concept have been all the rage lately where augmented reality on video screens is considered important. This feature has greatly increased the leverage and demand for 360 cameras. The increasing importance of endorsements and marketing of retail products also increases the market growth to some extent.

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Sports enthusiasts and vloggers are making extensive use of these cameras and hence the demand in this particular field has increased recently. Consequently, they also find application in aerial photography and cinematography, where they are integrated into aerial vehicles (UAVs) for high-angle, overhead shots.

Robotics seems to be the perfect application where 36 degree cameras are widely used and this also stimulates market expansion. The increasing use of these cameras in automobiles helps drivers with complicated movements and turns, which in turn is rapidly increasing demand. Apart from all the above, the security threats in commercial places are leading to the need for cameras to a large extent, thereby fueling the market growth. Defense sectors are finding widespread leverage of these cameras through surveillance and surveillance, which improves the popularity of the product and aids in the expansion of the market.

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