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You already know that Instagram can be a great platform to market your business. But did you know that you can also build an entire business around the platform? All you need are some great Instagram business ideas.

While many companies ultimately require you to have a website or other offerings, there are many different companies where you can start with nothing more than an Instagram account. Here are 50 of those Instagram business ideas.

Instagram business ideas

Instagram influencer

One of the best Instagram business ideas and ways to make money from Instagram is to become an influencer. To do this, you need to build an audience in a specific niche — and there are many different options — and then work with brands to share content related to their products or services.

product tester

More specifically, you can build some influence and then offer to share reviews of specific products by sharing your thoughts in videos or captions.

Instagram manager

You can also work with brands as a social media manager specializing in posting on Instagram.

Social Commerce Seller

It’s also possible to sell products directly on Instagram by using a buy button or listing products for sale and then billing your followers who show interest.

affiliate marketer

You can also use your Instagram account and Instagram Story to share affiliate links related to specific products or services and then earn a commission on each sale.

Sellers of digital products

If you sell digital products like e-books or printables, you can use Instagram as your main way to share your offers with potential customers.

event photographer

Instagram is also a great platform for photographers to start a business. If you’re an event photographer, one of the great Instagram business ideas is to share photos from the events you work for and then include an email address in your bio so new clients can contact you.

Photographer in stock

Another great Instagram business idea is to take stock photos that you can sell to brands or companies looking to build their Instagram content.

product photographer

Or you can offer a service where you take photos of products for e-commerce companies to use on their websites and social media accounts.

portrait photographer

Portrait photography is another niche in the photography business. For this type of business, you can use Instagram as a portfolio and provide a way for new customers to connect with you.

seller of printed matter

If you are a photographer or designer you can create unique images and then have them printed on different products like t-shirts and mugs and then use Instagram to promote your offers.

prop stylist

Instagram is also a great place to showcase your talent as a stylist. You can organize photo shoots and use your Instagram account to showcase your style and offerings to brands.

Instagram Food Channel

Foodies, you can post about all your favorite dishes and restaurants and then partner with these food brands to start earning income right from your Instagram account.

fashion blogger

You can also start a fashion blog of sorts right on Instagram, share photos of your outfits and collaborate with clothing brands as an influencer.

Personal stylist

Even in the fashion niche, you can use Instagram to show off your style and then have potential clients contact you to source your services as a personal stylist.

DIY expert

Another niche to focus your Instagram account on is posting tutorials and DIY projects to help your followers learn new techniques. Then you can work with sponsors and brands that offer accessories for your projects.


Instagram is also a great place to show off your baking skills, especially if you offer cookies or items with cool decorating elements. You can post your creations and let customers order directly from you.

food blogger

Or you can make food that you don’t actually sell but instead offer recipes and then collaborate with food and grocery brands as an influencer.

travel blogger

You can also collaborate with travel brands like airlines and hotels by sharing your trips and some useful travel tricks and tips with your followers.

lifestyle blogger

Or you can take a more general approach with your Instagram content and then work with a variety of different brands that might appeal to your target followers.

makeup artist

Because makeup is a visual medium and Instagram is a visual platform, it’s a great place to showcase your work and then offer potential clients the opportunity to book your services.


Likewise, you can post pictures of your work as a hairdresser and then have clients contact you via email or message to set up an appointment.

Handcrafted Business Owner

Instead of relying on a platform like Etsy or setting up your own ecommerce site, you can post photos of handmade products and let customers claim or bid on them in the comments.


Instagram is also a great platform for visual artists like illustrators. Post photos of your work, then let clients order prints of multiple images or commission custom work.

Custom portrait artist

Or you can take a more service-oriented approach to selling your artwork. Use your Instagram account as a portfolio and let clients order custom portraits of their families.

graphic designer

You can also use Instagram as a portfolio for your graphic design work and then have clients contact you directly to source your services.

Infographic Designer

Or you can get even more specific and offer infographic design services by using Instagram to post interesting examples of your work.

lettering service

You can also offer custom lettering or calligraphy services to brands or individuals who want to add a unique touch to things like signs or wedding invitations. Use Instagram to showcase your work.


While photos get a lot of attention, Instagram also allows users to post short videos. So you can start a business as a videographer and use the platform to show your skills. (Remember that Instagram videos are pretty short, so you need to be creative!)


Or you can specialize in animation for videos and showcase your work through Instagram.


You can also post videos of yourself singing or making music on Instagram and let people book your services for weddings or special occasions. (Again, the brevity of videos on Instagram requires a very creative approach to make this work.)

Even more Instagram business ideas


If you have a unique talent, such as Like magic tricks or juggling, you can show off your skills in Instagram videos and give people a quick way to contact you to book your services for events.


You can also Instagram short bits of a stand-up comedy routine and share your fun personality with people who may be interested in booking your services.

used goods dealer

If you have some vintage or thrift goods for sale, you can use Instagram as a platform to post any item and then have customers bid if they want to buy.

brand ambassador

There are a number of unique ways you can use Instagram to post about a specific brand or product. And if you have enough followers, you might be able to make extra money or get extra perks thanks to those posts.

Pet Personality

50 Instagram Business Ideas - Pet Personality

It might sound crazy, but you can actually start an Instagram account centered around a pet or animal and then build a brand around it, as popular examples like Grumpy Cat have shown.


For those looking to offer public speaking services, you can use your Instagram account to share your expertise and even offer samples of your speaking engagements via Instagram Live.

webinar host

You can also build a business by offering webinars on a specific topic, using Instagram to grow your audience and demonstrate your expertise.

Live Event Promoter

Instagram is also a great place to promote live events. So if you want to build a business as an event organizer, you can rely heavily on the platform.

event manager

Or you can offer more in-depth services as an organizer, using Instagram to showcase your work and communicate with potential clients.

meme maker

Brands sometimes pay people to create memes to create buzz. Here’s how you can use Instagram as a way to create and share memes.

Photo editing app

If you have app development skills, you can create your app around Instagram and create photo or video editing features for other users.

Instagram consultant

Or if you want to share your Instagram know-how with others, you can work as a consultant and use your own account to share your expertise.

advertising executive

You can also get even more specific by offering Instagram advertising services for brands that want to use these options in their marketing.

Instagram competition service

Contests are another popular way to promote a brand on Instagram. So you can offer a service where you manage contests and giveaways.

business coach

You can also use Instagram to provide more general consulting services to other businesses, simply by using the platform to share your knowledge and build your credibility with potential customers.

life coach

Or you can go even more general and offer life coaching services, using Posts for quick advice and Instagram Live for more in-depth content.

fitness trainer

50 Instagram Business Ideas - Fitness Coach

You can also focus on another area like fitness for your coaching business. Use the video feature to really show off your expertise.

Online Course Builder

You can also create some online courses that people can buy to learn more about using Instagram and marketing on the platform.

Live workshop trainer

Or you can focus on teaching live classes on a specific topic, using Instagram to promote your offerings and book students.

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