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If you want to understand JoJo’s bizarre adventure how it is nowthen you must know Stardust Crusader. This arc of the long-running manga introduced important new characters and concepts, such as Jotaro Kujo and Stands. Additionally, this arc wraps up many loose ends regarding the Joestar/DIO feud.

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Unfortunately, unlocking the Stardust Crusaders JoJo Glossary in All-Star Battle R requires you to win three boss fights in ASB mode. And the most brutal fight is a five-star difficulty fight between Noriaki Kakyoin and DIO. Luckily we fought those battles and put the glossary content together for you!


WARNING: This guide contains spoilers for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

We have divided this guide into four sections alphabetically. You can use the table of contents to jump through these sections.



Stand: set. Likes to mock the weak. Turned Polnareff into a child, but even then barely managed to hit him. Did the same to Jotaro but he got beaten to a pulp and retreated.


This stand once belonged to a swordsmith from ancient Egypt and was manifested in a sword upon his death. It learns the techniques and absorbs the power of those it fights.


Mariah’s Stand. Appears as a socket. It can even be placed on non-conductive objects like rocks. The body of anyone who touches it becomes magnetized, increasing in force until it attracts objects as heavy as cars.

Cairo Bridge

The bridge spanning the Nile where Jotaro and DIO had their deadly final fight.

City of El Cairo

The scene of the Joestars’ showdown with DIO. The final fight between Jotaro and DIO takes place on a bridge over the Nile.


Status: verdict. One of DIO’s hired assassins. He uses Sherry and Avdol puppets to attack Polnareff, but is defeated when the real Avdol shows up and they send him to Hell.

center fold

Users of the stand The Hanged Man. A man with two right hands who is one of DIO’s henchmen, Enyaba’s son and the killer of Polnareff’s sister Sherry. He teams up with Hol Horse to beat Avdol but dies at the hands of Polnareff and Kakyoin.

cool ice

Stand: Cream. A devoted servant of DIO who is willing to die for his master. In his fight with Polnareff, he kills both Iggy and Avdol before Polnareff realizes he is a vampire and kills him with sunlight.


Cool Ice’s Stand. Its mouth becomes a void, and everything it swallows other than Cool Ice and the Stand itself is forgotten and destroyed.

Darby Elder

Stand user Osiris, the older Darby brother and a professional gamer. He can steal the souls of those who lose his bets and turn them into poker chips. He beats Polnareff and Joseph, but a poker loss to Jotaro means he retires.

Darby Younger

User of the Stand Atum and the younger Darby brother. A born gamer, he steals the souls of other players he beats and plants them in dolls to expand his collection. He beat Kakyoin but was pulled back by Joseph and Jotaro.


User of the state of the world and archenemy of the Joestars. In the final showdown in Egypt, he uses his Time Stop ability to kill Kakyoin and defeat Joseph and Polnareff. However, he loses in a duel with Jotaro and dies.

Dio’s mansion

DIO’s secret home in El Cairo City, Egypt. The Joestars approach the vampiric DIO’s coffin, but are forced into a temporary retreat by the power of the world. The final battle then unfolds in the city.

The emperor

Get Horse’s Stand, which is shaped like a revolver. The bullets it fires are standalone stands that can control their trajectory.


Centerfold’s mother. Status: justice. She taught DIO how to use his stand, but goes insane when she loses her son. She goes after Joestar, but DIO kills her. She always remains true to her master.

The fool

Iggy’s Stand. Takes the form of a sand monster. By nature, it cannot take physical damage. It has all sorts of useful features, like the ability to transform into a glider or a dome.


The hanged

This stand from Centerfold. It only appears to exist in a mirror and deals damage by stabbing reflected victims with a dagger. It can move extremely quickly between mirrors, just like light.

Hermit Purple

Old Joseph Joestar’s booth. It resembles a thorn bush and can, among other things, take ghost shots with a Polaroid camera. Although the thorns have limited attack power, they can prove useful in a variety of other ways.

Hierophant Green

Noriaki Kakyoin’s long-range humanoid stand made from a coil that can dissipate very quickly. It can strike at a range of more than 100m, but with low power. However, his Emerald Splash attacks are very destructible.

get horse

Stand user The Emperor and one of DIO’s henchmen, he looks like a wild west cowboy. Lives according to the maxim “Don’t be No. 1, be No. 2” and has a keen eye for a good partner. He also claims to be the best lover in the world with girls worldwide.


The stand of the pet shop. Takes the form of a petrified pterodactyl. It has the ability to control cold, giving it a versatile arsenal of techniques; Besides creating ice structures, it also makes icicle missiles and freezes the ground.


Status: The Fool. A purebred Boston Terrier, he joins Joestar’s team in Egypt after being flown in as a volunteer by the Speedwagon Foundation. He loves pulling hair out and farting on people’s faces.

Jean Pierre Polnareff

User of the Stand Silver Chariot, at once a chivalrous knight and a jaunty ladies’ man. On his travels, he defeats Centerfold and avenges his sister. After a bitter fight with Cool Ice, he finally settles back in France.

Jotaro Kujo

Protagonist of Stardust Crusaders. He is the grandson of Joseph Joestar and father of Jolyne Cujoh. Keen and always level-headed, but passionate in nature. He discovers his ability to stop time to defeat DIO in the final battle.

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wizard red

Mohammed Avdol’s stand, which has a bird’s head on a humanoid body. It wields flames so hot they can melt metal projectiles in mid-air. It also boasts unusually strong raw combat abilities.


Users of the Stand Bast. Magnetizes Joseph and Avdol, easily overpowering them. She is pulled out of the fight when in the end their cars and bikes covered bodies become magnetized and she is crushed between them.

Mohammed Avdol

Stand Magician’s Red user. He is a friend of Joseph Joestar. An astrologer by trade, with great leadership and charm. He saves Polnareff and Iggy from Cool Ice’s ambush at DIO’s Mansion, but dies in the process.

Noriaki Kakyoin

Stand: Hierophant Green. Has a reserved and honorable personality. He takes the lead in the showdown with DIO, and though mortally wounded, manages to warn Joseph of the world’s time-stopping abilities before he breathes his last.


A vampire and one of DIO’s henchmen who lacks any stand skills. He tries to seduce the Joestars with his ability to disguise himself as a woman but fails. Captured, he must help open DIO’s coffin, only to be killed by DIO himself.

Pet shop

Horus status user. A falcon guarding the front gate of DIO’s mansion. Almost killed Iggy until, in one last desperate move, the dog bit off his beak and backfired his ice pillar, killing him.


A US Senator in Cairo encounters DIO, who forces him to drive his car into unfortunate innocents in pursuit of Joestar and company. The chase ends when he is killed and his body thrown at Joestar and company.


Silver chariot

The stand of Jean Pierre Polnareff, with sword and armor like a medieval cavalier. Its power is unremarkable, but the rapier is incredibly sharp and can shed its armor to increase its speed. It can also hurl its blade very accurately.

soul sacrifice

User of the Stand Ebony Devil and a henchman of DIO known as Soul Sacrifice the Cursed. He attacks Polnareff, but dies when the Frenchman’s quick wit reverses the fight with a mirror, cutting almost all of Soul Sacrifice’s body into pieces.

was standing

A kind of guardian spirit or avatar that stands by its user and uses supernatural powers to defend them and attack their enemies.

star platinum

Jotaro Kujo’s Stand, which boasts such astronomical strength, speed, precision, eyesight, and visual acuity that he can catch flying bullets with his fingers. Coupled with Jotaro’s impeccable skills, his fantastic stats could make it the greatest stand in history.

The world

DIO’s stand optimized for close range with even greater speed and power than Star Platinum and the ability to stop time. Initially, it only manages about five seconds, but when fighting Jotaro, it stops time for up to ten seconds.

Zenyatta and Mondatta

Zenyatta’s Stand is Khnum while Mondatta’s Stand is Thoth. The pair oppose the Joestars, but Zenyatta is retired after self-destructing. Mondatta later teams up with Hol Horse but retires after Iggy abuses him.

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