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Winston-Salem, NC—Live Furnish, the leading 3D visualization technology platform, is revolutionizing the home furnishing photography business by making 3D easy and bridging the skill gap required to produce high-quality digital content. As such, the company’s easy-to-use technology is prompting a growing number of studio photographers to put down their cameras to become digital stylists.

Ryan Carlson, senior digital stylist at Live Furnish and a former photographer known for his work with a boutique commercial photography studio, made the switch two years ago. “It became apparent that the studio I worked for was slowing down and companies that had always approached us for traditional photography were starting to pull back and focus on 3D content,” he said. “I saw that the results they were able to achieve with the Live Furnish platform were amazing in terms of visual fidelity. I realized that 3D was simply the next step in the evolution of photography, similar to years ago when the industry transitioned from film to digital.”

“When developing Live Furnish, we wanted to completely replace photography with 3D imagery,” said Preet Sahil Singh, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Live Furnish. “We knew the only way to achieve this was to match or, frankly, surpass studio photography quality, not only in static content – ​​which is the basis for interior design companies’ requirements – but also in configurators, Augmented -Reality experiences and videos. That’s why we built our technology so that raw materials are indistinguishable from real ones (leather, for example, reflects light very differently than suede), even though the products are fully computer generated. At the end of the day, home furnishings are about aesthetics and if your product doesn’t look good, no one will buy it.”

“When photography started going from film to digital, everyone was afraid of it,” said digital stylist Lily Waite, who studied photography in college and spent years working for a large lifestyle photography studio specializing in the home furnishings business. before applying for a job at Live Furnish a year ago. “I wanted to be part of the transition rather than trying to catch up later. Where it used to take a whole team of carpenters, designers, lighting specialists, photographers and others at least eight hours in the studio to create a great lifestyle shot, I can now produce the same (or better) lifestyle shot in about an hour in my pajamas sitting on my sofa Nobody should fear this technology. When I joined Live Furnish last September it took me about three weeks to master, and in addition to the speed we are able to work at, the cost savings for furnishing companies using the platform are mind-boggling.”

“The beauty of Live Furnish is that the platform enables businesses to take complete control of their visual brand identity and create premium content that they can own and reuse to differentiate themselves in a world where beauty and novelty are always alive Winning and being noticed increasingly comes down to who has the best online visual experience,” said Singh. “And they find they can do it 90 percent faster than a lifestyle photo studio and 70 percent cheaper.”

Live Furnish is a technology platform that democratizes 3D content creation by making 3D easy. The company helps manufacturers of furniture, textiles, home accessories, carpets, bedding, mattresses, outdoor furniture, appliances and more save enormous amounts of time and money by creating stunning 3D content proven to outperform studio photography.

Our cloud-based SaaS rendering technology is embedded in an easy-to-use web interface that allows clients to create 3D visual content in minutes instead of days, weeks or more, at a fraction of the cost of studio photography. Our 3D content is proven to drastically save time and money while dramatically increasing sales and profits, and we’re leaders in the Metaverse. Visit for more information.

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