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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) — Local photographer Whitnie Wagster has been accused of a bad deal.

Clients said photoshoots meant to capture precious memories turned into a disaster and ruined their special day.

“I don’t have all the preparation pictures. I don’t have all the pictures walking down the aisle. I have no picture of my husband’s facial expression,” said former client Sara McClure-Cheeney.

Sara McClure-Cheeney got married in June and says her wedding day wasn’t perfect. The reason for this, according to the bride, is the hiring of The Leopard Photog, owned by local photographer Whitnie Wagster.

“It probably took me about 30 minutes to walk down the aisle. I had written to her. I’m like, ‘Hey, I’m just making sure you have the address and that you know where you’re going and make sure you’re coming.’ She’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sick. I have a second photographer coming,'” McClure-Cheeney said.

According to McClure-Cheeney, the backup photographer never showed up, nor was there a refund in her bank account. She said her wedding photos were taken with a cellphone.

“I got what my friend could capture and that was it,” she said.

News 4 reached out to Leopard Photog owner Whitnie Wagster, but she declined to go in front of the camera for an interview. Wagster issued a comment saying the allegations were false and that she had issued refunds to customers.

“All the pictures that she ended up taking for the wedding were really blurry and just not done professionally,” said Anthony Abotobik.

Abotobik got married in February and says Wagster showed up late and left early at his wedding.

“She was sitting on the stage just looking around at the ceiling,” Abotobik said. “I walked over and said, ‘Can you take some photos?’ and she said, ‘Of what?’”

“It’s terrible what you’re doing. You ruin memories,” said former clients Aaron and Melissa Brenner.

The Brenners said they paid Whitnie Wagster a down payment to film their daughter’s first birthday. According to the couple, she kept pushing the dates back until they canceled the photoshoot.

“I took photos with my phone and when I posted them, she sent me question marks and asked who took the photos,” said Melissa Brenner. “I said I did it because she’s my daughter.”

The couple also told News 4 that Wagster was operating under a different company name in 2019.

Wagster’s current photography website, The Leopard Photog, remains active. However, the company’s Facebook page has been deactivated.

“These are one-time events. Weddings, first year, second year, whatever it is, you can’t get those back,” Aaron Brenner said.

All of the customers in this story said Wagster never gave them their money back.

Whitnie Wagster made this statement to News 4:

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