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A Miami couple and a Nashville designer reinvent a dated home with a less-is-more mentality


IF MIAMIANS When Leslie and Marty Steinberg’s youngest child entered college, the couple began an exhaustive search for a second home that would become their primary home.

“I found The Landings in an article about luxury shared apartments,” says Marty. “I looked it up and the variety of activities and events was amazing.” Upon arriving, he found that the facilities didn’t disappoint — with plenty of tennis and golf courses, bike trails, clubhouses, and restaurants. “And everyone was unusually pleasant and friendly,” he adds.

The Steinbergs closed a house in The Landings in 1989 just before the end of the world in 2020. Leslie had agreed to move unseen to the Skidaway Island community on one condition: that Mitzi Maynard of Redo Home + Design, the same Nashville-based interior designer Leslie had worked with on a former Tennessee home, could oversee the renovation.

“Mitzi was the first designer I came into contact with that really convinced me,” says Leslie. “She certainly had a vision and I can tell you I’ve never felt like this in any previous home we’ve had.”

“I fell in love with her,” Maynard says of the Steinbergs’ new home. “It’s a great house, but it sure has been neglected.”

Maynard created the architectural design for the renovation himself. Then came Lowcountry Custom Built Homes to bring it to life. The butler’s kitchen and pantry, master bath and laundry room have been completely gutted and redesigned. the second floor and master bath received new hardwood floors; a guest toilet was added and more. They made sure to keep the original structure of the house.

In the kitchen, Redo Home + Design chose to keep the original arched windows but give it a fresh feel with white tile and new cabinets installed by AWD of Savannah.

“The room that has the kitchen is beautiful and has this Savannah-style architecture,” says Maynard. “It just wasn’t very functional.”

In the butler pantry, which extends from the kitchen to the dining room, they have set up a coffee bar and a champagne bar. “This way the coffee maker doesn’t take up space on the kitchen counter,” explains Maynard. They also added giant doors that slide open and back in, allowing the area to be locked off during the conversation. “But it is pretty sweet frankly,” Maynard adds. Click here for more Butler Pantry inspiration.

Adding an island also helped with space issues. They removed and replaced all hardware and appliances and had new cabinets installed by AWD of Savannah. “Harley Ashbaugh and his team just nailed it with the cabinets,” Maynard says. “The finish was beautiful and they followed the design exactly that I sent.”

Next, she says, they “dipped the whole house in color, inside and out.”

To complement the neutral tones, Redo Home + Design expertly used textures and flashy lighting to add dimension.

What Leslie calls “tired beige” has been repainted with Sherwin-Williams Alabaster paint. The shutters, newly painted Light Blue by Farrow & Ball, give the building a freshness that the Miami Steinbergs were hoping for.

“They wanted to bring that fresh style but also honor Savannah – a nod to the traditional,” says Maynard.

Another classic Georgian feature that Maynard has sought not only to retain but also to highlight are the stunning arched windows throughout the house. There is one such large window above the kitchen sink with two smaller rectangular windows on each side. Maynard left the paneling white and then tiled the entire surrounding wall with white tiles from Kenny & Company in Nashville. In the main living room, the paneling was painted black to “really make it pop”.

Leslie chose neutral tones for the house’s color scheme.

“Bringing a piece of architecture back to life and bringing it into this decade – it feels so good.” — Mitzi Maynard, interior designer

“Leslie’s favorite color is texture,” laughs Maynard. “The way I achieve something [that is] Not boring, for someone who loves neutral colors, is through texture. Those brick floors, the fabulous windows, the heart pine floors – they made such a great palette to bring back [in] the furnishings.” The furniture was all purchased through Redo Home + Design and also used different textures.

“Another important thing in a neutral space is that the lighting really makes a statement,” says Maynard, who also supplied the fixtures through Redo Home + Design. “And when you put several interesting lighting elements in a room, they really need to complement each other.”

The finish in the master bathroom is both sophisticated and rustic. “We mixed warm wood with a minimalist style,” explains Maynard. “In general, the home is more minimalist than traditional.”

For Leslie, she is maximally happy with her new home and surroundings. “It’s so calming, so warm,” she says. “We like [having] many different seating areas. We use our home a lot and we just want to feel warm and cozy wherever we are – beautiful without being too formal.”

“It really feels like a new house when you’re there,” Maynard says. “Bringing a piece of architecture back to life and bringing it into this decade – it feels so good.”


Owner: Leslie and Marty Steinberg
Construction year: 1989
year bought: 2020
Square footage: 5.216
Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: 4 bedrooms, 4 baths plus 2 half baths
Interior architect: Mitzi Maynard, Redo Home + Design
Ed Johns, Jr., Lowcountry Custom Built Homes
Tiles/Flooring: Hardwood floors by Absolute Floor Covering and Remodeling, upstairs bathrooms and bonus bathroom tile by Garden State Tile, kitchen and master bathroom by Kenny & Company
Colour: ARCOS tiling; LaSOURCE; B&B Paint Company; Chatham Paint Center

Windows/Doors: original home
Kitchen design: Mitzi Maynard, Redo Home + Design
Bathroom design: Mitzi Maynard,
Restore Home + Theme
landscape design: Leyver Suchiapa, LG Landcare
Electrician: Flawless lighting and performance
electronics company
Plumber: Palmetto plumbing
Air conditioning: Byrd heating & air conditioning
Domestic appliances: Monogram Professional Kitchen
Appliances, Southern Bath & Kitchen; Liebherr Appliances, AJ Madison
Accesories: Restore Home + Theme
Art: Restore Home + Theme

All resources provided by the interior designer.

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