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SAN ANTONIO — Chris Lingle has taken to Facebook to document the glamorous lifestyle he and wife Sarah Lingle share.

He’s posted vacation snaps in exotic locations, a new Audi car, luxury watches, designer shoes, and home improvement projects.

But the San Antonio couple are now facing allegations that they paid for it with stolen money from Sage Architecture Inc. of Alamo Heights, where Sarah Lingle worked as an accountant and office manager for nearly five years.

In a lawsuit filed in San Antonio state district court last month, the architecture and landscape design firm alleges it repeatedly used a corporate debit card to pay for luxury items and ordinary expenses like mortgage payments and grocery bills.

Sage has discovered nearly $1.6 million in theft by debiting the debit card allegedly only authorized to purchase office supplies and equipment.

She also allegedly found nearly $96,000 that she allegedly stole by forging checks.

Attempts to reach the Lingles for comment were unsuccessful. Phone numbers for them either didn’t work or didn’t take calls.


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Randy Dove, a director of Sage, made a statement through San Antonio attorney William Ford.

“We are very disappointed to learn that someone in whom we have placed such a high level of trust has stolen from us for the last five years,” he said. “While this has come as a shock to everyone at our company, we are making progress – and continue to serve our customers as we have always done. This has not affected our day-to-day business in any way.”

Dove added that the firm “will continue to work with state and federal agencies as we go through this process. We plan to leave no stone unturned.”

Sarah Lingle and her husband Chris pose for a photo taken at the STK Steakhouse in Las Vegas on Dec. 31, 2021, according to his Facebook post. She is accused of embezzling more than $1.6 million from Sage Architecture.

court document

criminal investigation

Sage officers notified the Alamo Heights Police Department of the theft on Aug. 26, 10 days after Sarah Lingle resigned. A police official said Tuesday the case had been turned over to US intelligence.

No criminal charges have been filed against Sarah Lingle, 38.

She joined Sage in November 2017 when she was still known as Sarah Pardo. She married Chris Lingle, who turns 49 this month, in October 2020.

Court records show she was charged with a misdemeanor for failing to enroll a child in 2018. A first offense carries a $100 fine. Your case has been closed.

Chris Lingle clashed with law enforcement from the early 1990s through 2008, and records show he spent time in state prison. The offenses he is charged with include auto theft, fraud and prostitution.


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In an affidavit accompanying the lawsuit, Katie Rios — who replaced Sarah Lingle as Sage’s accountant and office manager in July — says she uncovered numerous uses of company funds that were not intended for legitimate business purposes.

Rios found improper debit card charges and checks written by Sarah Lingle from July 2018 to August this year.

“My investigation to date has uncovered approximately 4,520 incidents of unauthorized use of debit cards and improper use of checks,” Rios said in the affidavit. “That’s an average of 81 unauthorized charges per month.”

Sarah Lingle is investigating the fake company Sage in three ways, according to her complaint. She is said to have issued duplicate payslips to herself on two occasions. She allegedly wrote counterfeit checks to other employees and endorsed them for herself. And she forged checks to one of her companies, Aura Consulting LLC, which is also a named defendant in the lawsuit.

big life

Among the photos Chris Lingle posted to Facebook under the name “Chris Lingel” is a scenic shot of the Caribbean Sea in the Cayman Islands. The Aug. 10 photo captioned it, “So this is where you wash the dollars.” Another, from a Grand Cayman beach, captioned it, “This island offers fun activities while you do your laundry.” The photos were taken in Sages lawsuit filed.


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The day before he posted a photo of Cozumel. “Swimming with dolphins and sipping margaritas isn’t a bad way to spend a morning,” he wrote.

The couple also vacationed in Cancun in June.

But Sage also says his debit card was used to pay for three-vehicle loans, shopping sprees, gym memberships, spa treatments and restaurants. The lawsuit includes claims of fraud, violations of the Texas Theft Liability Act and breach of fiduciary duty.

On September 16, the day Sage filed its lawsuit, it obtained an injunction against the Lingles to prevent them from spending money allegedly stolen from the company. The order was obtained “ex parte”, meaning that neither the Lingles nor their representatives were there to oppose the motion. Sage said they were concerned the couple would not be able to return to the United States once they were notified of the court hearing.

A court hearing for a restraining order was held on Friday, but a court filing says none of the defendants have appeared. The restraining order has been extended until October 14, when another restraining order hearing is scheduled.

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