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Starting a business doesn’t mean you have to hire a whole team. There are many business opportunities out there that you can start and grow all by yourself. If you are interested in starting a solo business, here are 50 business ideas for solopreneurs.

Solopreneur Business Ideas

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants handle various business tasks such as email, scheduling, and managing social media. It’s something you can do yourself and from your home or other remote location.

Ecommerce Seller

You can also set up an e-commerce website on platforms like eBay, Amazon or Etsy from practically anywhere, while managing sales and shipping yourself.

Social Media Manager

For social media savvy entrepreneurs, you can offer your services to other businesses to schedule social media posts and manage their accounts.

Social Media Influencer

Or you can focus on building a following and some influence on your own social media accounts, and then work with brands as social media influencers.


If you want to build a business around your writing skills, you can start your own blog and manage it yourself, and then make money from advertising or sponsored content.

ebook author

You can also focus on writing more lengthy content and then self-publish your own ebooks to sell.

Freelance Writer

Or you could offer your writing services to other businesses looking for blog posts or other types of content.


Copywriting is another popular writing business. You can specialize in writing copy for websites, product descriptions, or even advertisements.

graphic designer

As a design-savvy entrepreneur, you can start your own graphic design business and work with clients on a one-to-one basis.

web designer

Or if you’re more tech-savvy, you can focus on creating websites for clients as a web designer.

software developer

If you want to develop deeper solutions, you can focus on developing software programs for customers or selling them to customers.

app developer

Or you can focus more on mobile technology and develop apps for customers or develop your own apps to sell.

event photographer

Photography is another area that lends itself to solopreneurship. You can focus on photographing events like weddings and manage all aspects of your business yourself.

Photographer in stock

You can also take photos and then post them for sale on photo websites.

management consultant

If you have some business knowledge, you can offer your services as a business consultant, working with clients in person, over the phone, or online.

life coach

Even if you don’t have much business experience, as a life coach you can work with clients in other areas of life such as finance, organization and even personal relationships.


For entrepreneurs with expertise in a specific topic, you can offer your services as a public speaker for various conferences and events.


Another way to work with business clients, you could offer accounting services to companies that want to outsource this function.

tax professional

You can also focus primarily on helping businesses and individuals prepare their tax forms.

affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing allows you to share links to specific companies or products and then earn a portion of the sales you refer to those companies.


Podcasting is easier than ever to set up yourself. You can host your podcast, build your website, and make money through advertising or affiliate sales.

event planner

If you enjoy organizing and working with different vendors, you can start your own business as an event planner.


While it can be difficult to run an entire bakery on your own, as a solopreneur you can build a bakery business where you supply baked goods to other local bakeries for events or on a wholesale basis.

coffee trolley

You could also sell coffee on a relatively small scale by starting your own coffee truck to take to events, malls, or office buildings.


If you would like to share your knowledge with others, you can do so on an individual basis by working as a tutor.

Online Course Builder

Another way to share your knowledge with others is to create your own online courses and then sell them to students to use in their free time.

YouTube Personality

YouTube makes it pretty easy for you to start your own channel yourself. Then, as you build a following, you can make money through the site’s ad-sharing program.

T-shirt designer

Sites like CafePress and Redbubble make it easy for you to design your own t-shirts and other printed materials. And they even fulfill the orders for you, so you can handle that as a solopreneur.

jewelry designer

You could also create your own jewelry and sell it at local craft markets or websites that specialize in handmade goods like Etsy.


Or if art is more your forte, you could sell your paintings or drawings at some of these places.


You could also make your own soaps and similar spa products and sell them wholesale or online.


If you have some experience caring for children, you can offer some in-home childcare services or even run a daycare outside of your home.

house sitter

A relatively easy business to start, you can offer housesitting services to homeowners who are out of town.

dog walker

For those who enjoy spending time with animals, you can also offer dog walking services as a solopreneur.

Auto detailing

You can also offer car wash and detailing services where you market your services online and then travel to your customers.

bike mechanic

If you can repair bikes, you could also offer bike mechanic services yourself from a small garage.

Grant Writer

To help companies and nonprofits raise funds, you can provide grant writing services on a freelance basis.

resume service

Or you could help job seekers create and improve their resumes and cover letters.

messenger service

You can start your own courier service as a solopreneur, helping clients with various errands like doing laundry and grocery shopping.


Or you could build a customer base or regular customers and simply specialize in house cleaning services.


If you are familiar with various projects around the home, consider offering handyman services to homeowners in your area.

lawn service

For those who enjoy working outdoors, you can start your own lawn mowing service, doing weekly maintenance during the summer.


Or you could specialize in setting up or maintaining gardens and more complicated landscaping projects.

Vendors at the farmers market

While it might be difficult to run a real farm on your own, you could start a small vegetable garden and then sell items at local farmers markets.

Travel Advisor

Travel agencies have struggled mightily in recent years. But some travelers, especially large groups, could still use some help organizing their trips and finding the best deals. You can help them by starting a business as an independent travel consultant.


If you know more than one language, you can start a business as a freelance translator or contract translator.

party entertainer

You can use a range of different skills from music to juggling to makeup to start a business as an independent party entertainer.

Personal trainer

For athletic entrepreneurs, you can start your own business as a personal trainer working individually with clients.

yoga teacher

Or you offer fitness and wellness courses for larger customer groups. Yoga and Pilates are a few examples of things you can specialize in.


You can also start your own business as a masseuse and provide services to clients on a regular basis.

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