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You don’t need a lot of space to start a small business. Once the kids have moved out or you’ve finally cleared out that room down the hall, that extra space can help you start a new business. Here are 50 small business ideas to start in an empty space.

Business ideas for guest rooms

Sale of collectibles

Ecommerce marketplaces like eBay offer entrepreneurs an easy way to sell various products online. Collectibles are particularly popular. And you can use your free space as an office and storage space for all these products.

drop shipping business

For those working with smaller spaces, you can simply use the free space as office space and then work with a dropshipping company to fulfill ecommerce orders.

Sale of art prints

With an office printer and a professional printer, you can start a business selling prints of your artwork online.

T-shirt design

You can also have your artwork printed on t-shirts and various other products. You can either fulfill these orders yourself, or use services like Redbubble or Society 6, which ship them directly to your customers.

Subscription Box Service

Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular. You can use your free space to organize the products you source for your box each month.

Handmade business

There are also a variety of craft businesses you can start by using your spare room as a craft room and then selling products on sites like Etsy.

scrapbooking service

For those who enjoy scrapbooking, you can set up a workshop in your spare bedroom and use it to create custom layouts for clients.

lettering service

You could also use your creative talents to start a lettering service, creating designs for brands or for various stationery.

portrait photography

Photographers, you can set up a studio in your guest room with a professional backdrop and lighting equipment.

Stock Photo Sales

You can also set up a photo room where you take stock photos that you can then sell online.

web design service

For tech and design savvy entrepreneurs, use your free space as an office where you can work on websites for clients.

graphic design service

You can also use your design skills to provide companies with various services such as logos and other branding and marketing materials.

app development

If you are very tech savvy, you can build a business developing mobile apps for clients and using your spare room as an office space.

domain sale

Another way to help businesses and individuals launch websites is by selling website domains.

AdWords website

Or you can start your own website and use AdWords or similar advertising services to generate income.

Membership Website

You could also launch a website where you offer exclusive content or features to visitors who pay a monthly subscription or membership fee.

to blog

Starting a blog allows you to continually deliver valuable content to your readers. Then you can earn money through ads or sponsored content.


Likewise, you can deliver valuable content in an audio format by starting your own podcast and using your guest room as a recording studio.

Social Media Management

You can also use the space as an office where you manage social media campaigns for business clients.

affiliate marketing

Or you could share content through social media, blogging, and other formats, and include affiliate links to earn a portion of those sales.

Youtube channel

You could also set up a video studio in your guest room where you can shoot YouTube videos and then monetize through ad sharing.

Virtual Assistant Service

Or you can transform the room into an office in which you can offer business customers various services as a virtual assistant.

Answering machine

Many companies outsource their call center or phone support to others. You can work with small clients by offering an answering service in your guest room.

Smartphone repair service

For those who are knowledgeable about hardware repairs, you could offer a service where customers send their smartphones to you so you can fix cracked screens and other issues.

proofreading service

They could also offer proofreading and editing services to writers and companies who need to see their work with a second eye.

Resume writing service

Or you could offer a service where you create resumes, cover letters, and similar materials for job seekers.

accounting service

If you are skilled in bookkeeping and bookkeeping tasks, you can use your free space as an office where you provide these services to business clients.

Herb garden

You may need a lot of space to grow food. But if you have enough light in your spare room, you can create a small indoor herb garden and then sell those fresh herbs.

wood processing business

With enough space, you can also open a woodworking studio where you make small products or pieces of furniture for sale.

meal planning service

If you have a lot of knowledge about food and nutrition, you could offer a service where you plan meals for clients from your home office.

Interior Design Service

Design-conscious entrepreneurs can also use a home office to plan interiors for an interior design company.

tutoring service

For those who want to work one-on-one with people, you can start a tutoring business by using your spare room as a classroom.

music lessons

Entrepreneurs interested in music can also offer individual music lessons to customers outside of this room.

Online course sales

If you are more interested in teaching online, you can create online courses and sell them to clients online.

Massage therapy service

For those trained in massage therapy, you could set up a studio in your guest room where you receive clients.

IT Help Service

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs can work remotely with customers by offering IT assistance to those calling or chatting with technical questions.

business consulting

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you could start a consulting business where you collaborate online with other business owners or use your spare space as a meeting room.

Life Coaching Service

For a more general approach, you could offer life coaching services to people who are looking for help with everything from scheduling to finances.

translation service

If you know more than one language, you can offer translation services to companies by using your spare room as an office.

laundry service

You can also add a washer and dryer and other laundry essentials to your guest room so you can offer laundry service to customers outside of this space.

change service

If you’re proficient with a needle and thread, you could open a small alteration shop in your guest room.

makeup service

Makeup artist, you could also welcome clients to your studio in guest room for makeup services.

vintage dealer

Or you can use your guest room as a storage and photo area for vintage items that you can resell online.

Tech Rental

You can also use your guest room as a storage space for technical equipment such as audio and video recording equipment, which you can rent to people and organizations who want to use these items without buying them.

tool rental

Or you could apply a similar concept to large tools or automotive products that people are unlikely to own themselves.

party rental

Party supplies such as tables, buffet setups and decorations can also lend themselves to a rental business model.

bike rental

If you live in an area where there is a lot of tourism or bicycle traffic, you can also open a bike rental and use your free room as a storage room.

Voiceover acting

Many companies use voice actors for ads, video content, and more. So you could offer this service from a home studio.

travel planning service

You can also help consumers plan their vacations and find travel deals, especially if you can work with large groups that need help planning.

holiday apartment

And, of course, you could use your spare room as a space for travelers to rent out on sites like Airbnb.

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