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Duke Paoa Kahanamoku importing Aquarius.

Surfing is central to Byron Bay’s identity and this year’s surf films are sure to bring the entire community together to celebrate sportiness, wild seas and sheer joy in our exquisite setting.

The Byron Bay Film Festival has always paid homage to surfing and surfing culture, but this year it outdoes itself with a lineup that documents the history of the sport, honors some of its larger-than-life characters and explores the journeys of its followers – geographically , psychological, spiritual.

Leading with the slogan, Glowing light in the darkThe 2022 festival will highlight the joys and heartaches of sport, its highs and occasional lows.

Surfing tends to attract a certain type of people: vagabonds, misfits, adventurers/risk-takers, those looking for the roughest, most uplifting experiences life has to offer.

One of them is Californian Dick Metz, now 93, who caught his first wave at the age of seven on a redwood surfboard weighing nearly 100 pounds. In 1958 Dick embarked on a three year surfing adventure around the world and upon his return he shared his travels with his friend Bruce Brown. It was the inspiration for Brown’s film The endless summer – perhaps the most famous and popular surfing film of all time.

BBFF2022 is delighted to present the Australian premiere of a lively documentary that unveils the untold story behind Dick’s adventures – and the 1966 film – with the documentary Birth of Endless Summer. For experienced boarders, it will bring back great memories of their own endless summers; Grommets are inspired to continue their personal journeys. the original movie, The endless summer himself, a special retrospective will be shown at the Lennox Head Cultural Center on Sunday October 23rd.

Duke Paoa Kahanamoku in Hollywood.

If Metz was the father of modern surfing, its godfather is Duke Paoa Kahanamoku – a legend in his own country and worldwide, a towering figure who has shown what it means to play with dignity, mixing fun and nobility, the pinnacle achieve one sport and stay humble. His story is told in the powerful, family-friendly documentary. Aquarius – a word still used in surfing circles as the ultimate accolade for someone who proves themselves in the waves with confidence, knowledge and humility.

Kelly Slater calls him the King of Surfing, but Duke was also an Olympic swimming superstar and a Hawaiian icon. Brilliant, beautiful and black, he broke records and defied racism to bring surfing to the world. Narrated by Jason Momoa, Aquarius features commentary from surfing’s biggest stars and shares Hawaiian history and the importance of Aloha.

Hawaii’s waves are highly coveted, but for decades the search for the perfect wave has taken surfers to all corners of the world. With its big wave challenges, Nazare in Portugal is a magnet for such seekers.

wild waters

The city is a stopping point for renowned skipper and lifelong thrill seeker Matt Knight and world-class big wave surfer Andrew Cotton on their journey into the remote and dangerous waters of the Atlantic – a hunt for buried treasure and a quest for a mythical, never-before-seen ridden wave. Her journey and others with Knight’s family are documented in wild waters. Narrated by Charles Dance, wild waters features stunning cinematography, mind-boggling sea drama and heartwarming footage that shows the family surfing and laughing together.

sweet adventure

The well traveled and award winning filmmaker Peter Hamblin who brought us along Let’s be honest and Crackreturns this year with another masterpiece, entitled sweet adventure. The likeable South African director’s latest life-enhancing gem features boats, beats, boards, beer and barrels and a group of pro surfers. Narrated by the sympathetic Selema Masekela, sweet adventure is an intoxicating mix of tourism promo, surf adventure, comedy and love letter to El Salvador.

The Road to Patagonia

A surf/life/ecology film that will resonate with local audiences comes from one of Byron’s own, Matty Hannon. With its world premiere at BBFF2022, The Road to Patagonia is a great record of what Matty calls “a physical and spiritual odyssey” to better understand our place in nature. Matty had 16 years of experience traveling and living in the world’s darkest surf spots before taking on the challenge of traveling the entire west coast of America from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

His debut film is a smashing success, featuring superb nature photography, a unique and captivating soundtrack by Swedish singer/songwriter Daniel Norgren, and an uplifting storyline that encompasses First People wisdom, ayahuasca, meditation, mountains, motorcycle mayhem, male vulnerability and blossoming in love.

These outstanding feature films will be supported by a series of surf-inspired short films from around the world throughout the festival. Immerse yourself in wonder.

• Tickets sell out fast so book early so you don’t miss out – go see it

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