Copyright for Architectural Images in the AI ​​Age – ArchDaily | Ad On Picture

Copyright for architectural images in the AI ​​age Material Tectonic Series. Image © Daniel Bolojan / Midjourney . Image via Archipaper Split Split Facebook Twitter post Pinterest Whatsapp or Architecture is a reference discipline. From ziggurats, machines for living, to contemporary biophilic high-rise designs, it’s impossible to know if ideas are truly novel or … Read more

Online creators hit by IP and copyright lawsuits – CNN | Ad On Picture

new York business — It’s odd when wrestling superstar Randy Orton, Netflix romance Bridgerton, TikTok, a tattoo artist, Instagram, NFTs, and Andy Warhol’s portrait of Prince all appear in the same law school textbook. A series of thorny lawsuits has tangled all of these unlikely creators and platforms in litigation stretching all the way to … Read more