It Takes a Village: How Donut Empowers Working Parents (Hers and Yours!) – Quartz | Ad On Picture

Through Dan Manianmanaging director and Carrie BiggarCustomer Experience Manager, at Donut Dan Manian, CEO and co-founder of Donut, helps teams foster cultures of connectivity, collaboration and belonging. You can also find him playing music for business with his band, Mobile Steam Unit, and teaching a lean startup course at Brown University. Carrie Biggar is a … Read more

America The Beautiful features state-of-the-art aerial photography – Forbes | Ad On Picture

An American bison in Badlands National Park. National Geographic for Disney+ There’s a lot to love about America. Armed insurrections to overthrow the will of the people and court decisions that defy decades of legal precedent and contradict despite the will of the majority, awe-inspiring natural beauty and wonders abound throughout the country. A new … Read more