AROUND CAPE ANN: Four Keyboard Concerto with Frescobaldi, Froberger – Gloucester Daily Times | Ad On Picture

This month, Annisquam Village Church is presenting a two-concert series, with the first performance, “Fortissimo, Pianissimo and “Moore,” this weekend. The organizers point out that on the day we turn back the clocks, Kevin Birch will present the first concert. The music program on Sunday, 6.11. at 3 p.m. goes back to the Renaissance and … Read more

AROUND CAPE ANN: Castle staging Poe-related production – Gloucester Daily Times | Ad On Picture

As October comes, interest in events at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Hesperus Ave. 80, which features a barrage of seasonal offerings beginning with production inspired by hair-raising stories. “The Masquerade of Abbadia Mare: Inspired by the Tales of Edgar Allan Poe” will be screened on Friday 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th October from 6pm to … Read more

Open the door to Denver’s Spaces | – The Westminster Window | Ad On Picture

A Brewery Party Under the Big Top: Suggested Activities for the Coming Weeks - Highlands Ranch Herald

Many of us don’t know exactly what makes a piece of architecture or interior design attractive. There is only something we react to. Fortunately, there are organizations like that Denver Architecture Foundation and its annual Doors open Denver Event that not only offers the opportunity to take a look inside some exclusive spaces, but also … Read more

In 10 years, will you be working in a job that doesn’t exist? – ArchDaily | Ad On Picture

In 10 years, will you be working in a job that doesn't exist?  - ArchDaily

In 10 years, will you be working in a job that doesn’t exist? Photo by Roxelo Babenco, via Split Split Facebook Twitter post Pinterest Whatsapp or working-in-a-profession-that-does-does-does-does-does-does-you-be-working-in-a-profession-that-does-does-does-does-does-does-you- be-working-in-a-profession-that-does-does-does-not-be Imagine explaining to someone 25 years ago what the professions of social media manager, uber driver or drone operator are all about in 2020. Technology … Read more