Camera Lights Buying Guide (2022): Flashes, LEDs, Softboxes, Remotes, Video Lights – WIRED | Ad On Picture

The best way To hone your skills as a photographer or videographer, learn the art of off-camera lighting—the use of flashes or steady lights that are tripod-mounted or hand-held around your photographic subject, rather than mounted on your camera. I’ve written a whole guide on how to properly light your photos and videos. It’s filled … Read more

The 6 Best Photo Printing Services (2022): Tips, Recommendations and More – WIRED | Ad On Picture

What I really dislike about Nations is the website. It’s slow and difficult to navigate at times (and I could never bring myself to give myself a receipt). If you have a lot of photos to upload to Nations, using the third-party app ROES (Remote Order Entry System) is a far better option. It’s a … Read more